Join us for CAFO Summit 2016 to be inspired and equipped to care for orphans!

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At Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, we are excited to invite you to a two-day conference that will jumpstart your church’s ability to compassionately and practically care for orphans, foster care children and adoptive families.

We encourage you to join us for the 13th annual Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit at First Baptist Church of Orlando on May 5-6.Read More

DCF Celebrates with Families After the Adoption of Ten Children

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New mothers and fathers were over joyed to welcome a new member into their family. There were 10 adoptions at the courthouse, and groups like Forever Family and DCF are hoping next year even more kids will get a mom and dad.

Secretary David Wilkins, Department of Children and Families says,
“People who love children, people who are willing to devote their lives to helping a child succeed and accomplish what that child’s dreams are.… Read More

The Polston Family

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My Life and Times of Having Six Adopted Boys

By: Deborah Ehler Polston

While most of our friends are experiencing the “empty nest”, or being Grandparents for the first time, we are stuck in a time warp of changing diapers and falling out of bed for the 3am feeding. I don’t remember navigating through the house in the dark as being so challenging. … Read More

The Rouse Family

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On Saturday, March 12th little Piper was born. Just 2 days later, she became a part of her forever family. When Ryan and Stacie Rouse, first met the birth mother of Piper in Lakeland a few months ago, they knew God had a special plan in store for them. The mother and the Rouse family immediately connected. … Read More

The Mims Family

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TALLAHASSEE (July 2009) – The Mims family is gathered around the kitchen table looking at photographs of Omon when he first started staying with the Mims family. Omon’s brother, Mitchell, teases him about being so skinny when he was a little kid.

Omon’s adopted family includes his father Chuck, his mother Natalie, his brother Mitchell (17), and his sister Morgan (14).… Read More

The Tyus Family

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Pensacola, Fla. – The Tyus family is not your ordinary family. That’s quite easy to understand when you see their diverse 12 member group.

Kelley and Rodney Tyus always wanted a big family but after the birth of their two children, Ryan and Kyndel, the Tyus’ could no longer have children of their own. After considering adopting children internationally they decided to look into adopting a sibling group which needed a home right here in Florida.… Read More

The Dearie Family

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Walter and Chelsea Dearie began their journey with FBCH after 7 long years of trying to have a baby and several heartbreaking miscarriages.  After realizing that their hope of becoming parents might not happen naturally, they turned to FBCH to begin the process of adoption.  They went through the 30-hour MAPP classes required for adoptive parents, they completed all the background screenings and references, and they willingly participated in the home study process. … Read More

The Ellis Family

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Lakeland, Fla. – The Florida Baptist Children’s Homes is celebrating a number of recent adoptions of older children from their campuses and is working to encourage more Christian families to consider becoming a “forever family” to an orphaned child.
According to Dr. Jerry Haag, president of the Children’s Homes they have had a number of recent successes where older children and large sibling groups have been joined to an adoptive family.… Read More

The Pruiett Family

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PANAMA CITY — Bobby & Cheryl Pruiett have been married a dozen years. In their fifth or sixth year, they started to try to become parents. They wanted to love and nurture a baby boy or girl and have their Christ-centered home filled with the kind of joy that only a child can bring. But God had other plans for them.… Read More

The Howard Family

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It has been a little more than three years since John and Pat Howard used the adoption services of the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes to provide a caring and Christ-centered home for Julia, Tiana, and Marissa.

The Howards invited the girls to live with them as foster children in August 2004 and the adoption was finalized in April 2005.… Read More