Written by: Pam Kirven

After a 20-year battle with an auto-immune disease that affects the lungs, my sweet mama went home to be with Jesus on January 16, 2018. In August of 2017, she was hospitalized with pneumonia and was released to go home with hospice care.  

Four-month blessing

The day we got the good news, dad and blessed she was to, at last, be going home.

And we were blessed, too. God gave us four more wonderful months. And Mom, well, she lived those four months like she lived the past 78 years, serving others and peace as well.    

Ladies, if Mom were still here, she would want me to say:

  • Do you know Christ?
  • Do your loved ones, friends and neighbors?

And, perhaps we should ask ourselves, what would we do with our four-month blessing? Would we be at peace like Mom was? Would we cherish and nothing more to say?

What an example my sweet mama left for each person who was blessed enough to know her. Her legacy lives on each time we share her story. May we all live, love and go home to be with Jesus like my sweet mama did.


Pam Kirven
Women of Compassion Council

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