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The Dearie Family

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Walter and Chelsea Dearie began their journey with FBCH after 7 long years of trying to have a baby and several heartbreaking miscarriages.  After realizing that their hope of becoming parents might not happen naturally, they turned to FBCH to begin the process of adoption.  They went through the 30-hour MAPP classes required for adoptive parents, they completed all the background screenings and references, and they willingly participated in the home study process.  After completing all of the required steps, Walt and Chelsea continued praying and waiting to be matched with a birth mother.  They created a book that told the story about them.  This book showed pictures of their family, their church, their home and their pets.  The book was presented to a few birth mothers over a period of several months.  One time their book was sent to Tallahassee for a birth mother to see.  However, their profile was not being selected by these birth mothers.  The wait continued and it seemed as though “their day” would never come.  Despite the disappointment and the waiting, the Dearies never lost faith or hope.  They remained encouraged by the Lord and knew that God had a plan specifically for them.  FBCH social worker Lindsay Harris had several conversations with the Dearies along the way and it was evident that God was up to something and that “their day” would soon come.  Little did we all know, that “their day” would come as a SUDDENLY.

On Tuesday July 27th Lindsay received a call.  The call came through to her office like any other call, “There is someone on the line that wants to know about adoption.”  When Lindsay spoke with the caller, there was a tone of stress and worry in her voice that did not sound like the voice of a potential adoptive parent.  The caller soon revealed that she wanted to know information about placing a child for adoption.  Lindsay asked the caller, “Are you currently pregnant?”  The caller replied “I am at the hospital and I just had the baby earlier this morning.”  WOW!  Lindsay proceeded to explain to the birth mother about her rights and about the process of adoption.  The mother explained that she did not know she was pregnant.  She arrived at the hospital at 2AM because of abdominal pains and by 2:30am she had given birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 6lbs 4oz.  The birth mother stated that she had 3 other children and she could not believe that she never felt the baby move and she did not gain weight.  Somehow this baby had been protected and Lindsay realized that this was the moment that the Dearies had been waiting for.  Lindsay began to share with the birth mother about this special family that had been waiting for a baby.  The birth mother’s nerves were calmed by the information provided to her about the family.  Her baby boy was going to the home of a pastor and his wife.  She asked for Lindsay to come to the hospital to sign paperwork with the birth father and stated that the Dearies could come to the hospital and meet the baby.  This woman was truly an amazing lady who loved her child so much that she was taking initiative to make a plan for him.

Everything happened so quickly from there.  When Lindsay called the Dearies to share the news she realized that when they had all woken up that morning they did not realize that today would be “their day.”  Walt and Chelsea were overjoyed at the news and they quickly made their way to the hospital to wait for the opportunity to meet their precious newborn baby son.  They called close family and without revealing any information, they requested for them to pray.  After all the paperwork was signed by the birth father, Lindsay went to get Walt and Chelsea so she could introduce them to their son.  As they were going through the doors of the maternity ward, Walt and Chelsea could not contain their smiles and their eyes were glowing with joy.  The presence of the Lord was thick within hospital room 437 that afternoon on July 27th.  There was a silence that fell over the room as the birth mother handed her son to his new mother, Chelsea.  Everyone took time to stare at the small miracle that was now in Chelsea’s arms.  Walt and Chelsea took a deep breath and breathed in all the emotions of seeing “their day” come to fruition.  The two couples conversed and Walt assured the birth father that although they had not known who they were, they had been praying for them for a long time.  Tears welled up in everyone’s eyes at the realization that something bigger than all of them was at work in the midst of this situation.

After spending time with the birth parents and their new son, the Dearies had one final day of waiting.  This final day before the baby was discharged from the hospital was an opportunity for the Dearies to quickly get everything in order so that their home would be prepared for their new son.  Thursday morning July 29th the birth mother signed her legal rights away as the parent and signed the consent for adoption.  Lindsay and the Dearies (along with both excited grandmothers) went to the hospital to get their son and bring him home.  After finishing up discharge paperwork at the FBCH office and having a special moment of prayer with administrator Eron Green, the Dearies were free to take home their son for the first time.  There were pictures, tears and lots of smiles as they went on their way to begin their lives as parents with their son Liam James Dearie which means “strong-willed warrior.”  “Their day” had come, but it was definitely not gone….this was only the beginning of the testimony that will go on and on to show God’s love and provision for the Dearie family.

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