Written by: Monica Guynn

As I sit and reflect on Mother’s Day, I find myself feeling thankful for the privilege of being a mother for 21 years. As all moms know, there are many highs and many lows in parenting, with seasons of rejoicing and seasons of despair.

Mothers play many roles in their children’s ever-changing lives. As my years of having children in our home are coming to an end, I know my role as mother will continue to be as important as ever. I want one of my main roles to be a fervent praying mother. I know as they spread their wings, in this sometimes dark world, I need to be faithfully praying for God‘s protection over them. Praying the seeds we planted in them will be resurrected in their lives and their future families.

WOC Guynn Family

This also reminds me of how I can extend this beautiful gift of prayer by praying for the many children in the care of FBCH and One More Child, here and around the world. This is something we can all easily do with our time with expectation that God hears us and will answer our prayers (1 John 5:14).

I have experienced great joy watching One More Child equip young mothers to be outstanding moms through the single moms program. I have seen foster parents love and take care of children in need. I have watched many videos and read updates of children receiving their forever home by being adopted. I have been personally blessed by the child sponsorship program, along with many other giving and volunteer opportunities at FBCH and One More Child.

Can I encourage you to expand your role in a child’s life and see how you can bless one more child? There are so many opportunities. Why not inquire through a phone call or email? I know your heart will be filled with absolute joy just like mine has been by serving alongside this ministry.

God Bless Always,

Monica Guynn
Women of Compassion Council

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