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The Tyus Family

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Pensacola, Fla. – The Tyus family is not your ordinary family. That’s quite easy to understand when you see their diverse 12 member group.

Kelley and Rodney Tyus always wanted a big family but after the birth of their two children, Ryan and Kyndel, the Tyus’ could no longer have children of their own. After considering adopting children internationally they decided to look into adopting a sibling group which needed a home right here in Florida.

After finding the sibling group of eight (Brandon, Juan, Loren, Jesse, Erika, Sierra, Rebekah and Randall) that was in need of a home, they felt in their hearts that these were the children they were called to love and porvide a forever family.

After connecting with the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes in 2002 the adoption was processed at an amazing speed and in just three months they became a permananet part of the Tyus family.

For more information on adoption contact the Children’s Homes at 863-687-8811, e-mail.

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