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The Power of One Foster Family

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Sam’s* mom and dad struggle with substance abuse problems. Earlier this year there were times Sam could be found in his neighborhood asking for food and seeking respite from deplorable living conditions.

Sam is 10 years old.

In April, he was placed with the Garrison* family, a foster family who became licensed through Florida Baptist Children’s Home in January.

The Garrisons talk joyfully about the opportunity of “fostering with the love of Jesus” and they devote their time and energy providing for Sam’s spiritual, physical, emotional and academic needs. There are many challenges that come with a child adjusting to so many new environments, but with the help of their church family the Garrison’s have seen Sam identify the hope he has in Jesus!

On May 20 he prayed to receive Christ as his personal savior and he plans to get baptized soon!

Being a foster parent doesn’t mean you can flip a switch in a child and automatically make their life “all better” but every time you open your home to a child in need, you are making it possible for the heart of One More Child to be changed forever. Not long ago, Sam was walking wherever his feet took him in his search for food and fellowship; today he is running toward a brighter future.

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* Names have been changed to protect the identity of individuals

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