In 2017, nearly 24,000 Florida children were removed from their homes because of crises, abuse, abandonment or neglect (Florida DCF, 2017). This statistic is heartbreaking and overwhelming. Due to the critical needs of children and families, Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and One More Child are driven to expand our care to serve even more children in 2018.

At 7 years old, Johnny* and his younger sister, Jasmine*, were removed from their home and placed in separate foster families. Johnny, who was placed with the Williams* family, cried every day after being separated and dreamed about being with his sister.

Heartbroken by Johnny’s sadness, the Williams requested a visitation take place immediately between the siblings. The Williams, with space to spare in their home and a willingness to provide all of the necessary resources, pushed for Johnny and Jasmine to be reunited.

The Williams labored tirelessly for the siblings, constantly communicating with case managers and agencies in order to find a resolution. Finally, after six weeks of advocacy by the Williams, the siblings were reunited. Johnny and Jasmine, overjoyed and full of love, held and kissed each other over and over. Johnny repeatedly told Jasmine, “I’m never letting go again!

Johnny, once filled with anguish and hopelessness, is now dreaming big and carries a constant smile after being reunited with Jasmine in a safe, loving and Christ-filled home! I am overwhelmed by the Lord’s blessing and plans for Johnny and Jasmine’s lives. Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and One More Child are grateful and humbled to have so many precious children like these siblings in our care.

In 2017, Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and One More Child impacted 200,524 children and individuals in Florida and throughout the developing world. We were able to meet tangible needs and teach children about the transformative love of Christ. Children like Johnny and Jasmine were shown the lavish love of Christ in word and in deed.

We are asking you to give your best gift to help a child dream big, so children will no longer be hungry, so more families can be restored and so we can share the love of Christ with One More Child in a multitude of dynamic, life-changing ways.

We want to work in partnership with you in 2018 as we continue the critical and amazing task of caring for children! Every single gift has immense potential to transform a child’s life. Thank you so much for your compassion and generosity.

Together for One More Child,

Jerry T. Haag, Ph.D., CFP®

*Name and certain details have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

* Your gifts will be applied to the area that you designate. If designated gifts should exceed the amount required for a particular need, then those funds will be applied to the area of greatest need for our children

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