Glorifying God in the Big and Small


In October, I had the privilege of serving in Romania with our WOC team. I have traveled many times to the Malnutrition Center in Guatemala and small precious moments that I know were glorifying to God. I’m always amazed at how God beautifully knits a team together to fulfill the plans He has determined long before our feet ever touch the ground.

We spent three mornings in a gypsy village ministering to the children. On the first morning, we walked through their community in an attempt to gather the children for a time of VBS. This was one of my favorite times of the trip as we walked down their streets, amongst their homes, in their community, as part of what is their everyday ordinary life. How sweet it was to have children we had never met before take our hand study His word that they will come to know His great love for them in their own personal lives.

On our way back to Budapest we were able to make a brief stop in another gypsy village, and reaches out to meet their needs. I also had a very brief opportunity to meet my newest sponsored child. She is a sweet, very timid little girl.

As you enjoy this most special time of year, celebrating the birth of our Savior, my prayer for each of you as we end the year 2017 and every one of us, but we are ALL glorifying to our Heavenly Father.

In His Glory,

Jeanette Lethers
Woman of Compassion Council


February 23, 2018

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