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Choose Wisely, Live Fully

By November 10, 2017No Comments

By guest blogger Donna Gaines

Deep within every one of us resides a longing for significance. We want our lives to matter, to make a lasting impact.  The secret to real significance is experienced when we realize that our worth is in Christ. Once we recognize our significance in Him, we are finally able to live beyond ourselves. Until that time, we continually seek worth and significance from people, possessions or power.

Why? Because we all have a sin nature that must be taken to the cross of Christ. If you don’t believe me, volunteer to work with the 2 year olds in your church nursery. One day, one of our precious 2 year olds was, well, just being 2!  As a mom, you have probably watched this with your own children at various ages. As this little one refused to obey and my good? It is only as I look back that I see clearly His purposes.

Believing God and other things.

Many women are consumed with their appearance – just the right outfit, haircut and conduct yourself?  Obviously, just because you are dressed modestly doesn’t automatically mean you love Christ.  But as a follower of Christ, neither our dress or our behavior should deny Him.

It is very easy to become so influenced by culture that we lose touch with what is Truth. As you study God’s Word, examine your own life and follow them to their logical end. God makes it very clear – there are only two paths.  Which one are you traveling?

If you are a believer in Christ, you have received a great treasure!  This treasure of faith is not meant for you alone.  It is meant for your children and your descendants” (Deut. 30:19).

Are you struggling to feel significant? Turn to Christ. Immerse yourself in His Word. You could begin by reading Proverbs 1-9. Underline everything you read that is associated with wisdom or folly. You will find, as I did, that the path to the life we are longing for is paved with obedience to and live fully!

Donna Gaines, M.A. is the pastor’s wife of the historic Bellevue Church in Memphis, Tennessee.  She is a leader, mentor ands of pastors’ wives through her conferences. Donna is the author of Choose Wisely, Live Fully by Abingdon Press.