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A fresh start this school year

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PSALM 119:66 (NIV)

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Jessa*, a 5-year-old girl, arrived on one of our campuses with a tear-stained face and all her possessions in a small paper sack. As you can expect, she was nervous to be in a new place.

Since it was late when Jessa arrived, a house mom gave her clean pajamas, read her a story and tucked her into bed.

The next morning, Jessa awoke to find a backpack filled with school supplies hanging from her bedpost. Brimming with excitement, Jessa asked her house mom if the backpack meant that she could go to school.

Although Jessa was school-aged, her family never signed her up for kindergarten.

She went to school that day and is now on her way to first grade!

Because of gifts from friends like you, we are able to provide children like Jessa with the resources necessary to succeed in school and growing as any little girl should!

The new school year is right around the corner and classmates. Your gift will allow us to provide exceptional care to children this school year!

Oftentimes, children who come to Florida Baptist Children’s Homes are behind in school because of challenging life circumstances. We work with each child to overcome their situations and loving encouragement.

You are critical to our mission of providing Christ-centered services to children in need! We cannot care for children like Jessa without your gifts.

Would you consider providing school clothes for a child for $275? Or giving $200 to meet a child’s school supply needs? The children living on our campuses and in foster homes will be so thankful for your generosity!

We are committed to making sure all of our children have the required tools to be successful this school year. We cannot accomplish this without your support. Please give today to ensure every child has a chance at a successful school year. Many thanks.

Together for Children,

Jerry T. Haag, Ph.D., CFP®
President, Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, One More Child & The Porch Light

* Name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.

 Yes, I will help provide for school supplies and clothes for children this school year:

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Please Note: Your gifts will be applied to the area that you designate. If designated gifts should exceed the amount required for a particular need, then those funds will be applied to the area of greatest need for our children.

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