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Every mother.

Last week, I was perusing my Facebook page and saw a touching video about moms who were arguing over whose way of “parenting” was the best. There were bottle feeders vs. breastfeeders, stay at home moms vs. working moms, epidural or drug-free births, disposable or cloth diapers and the list goes on and on. Just as the epic battle is about to begin, a child’s stroller rolls away and out of reach of the mother. EVERY mother takes off, babies in tow, chasing after the one baby who is rolling helplessly down the hill. When they stop the stroller and take a look around, they see that they were ALL running to save that one baby! Suddenly their differences weren’t the focus. Saving the baby was all that mattered.

The video made me think of Women of Compassion.
We come from many different walks of life. Some of us are mothers; some of us aren’t…some by choice, some not. Some of us still have our mothers; some of us have lost ours. Some of us might still be wondering if we’re ever going to be a mom, or maybe we’re worried about becoming a mother-in-law. We are sisters and aunts and grandmas. We are young, old and somewhere in between. We have different tastes and personalities, but the bond we share, regardless of where we came from, or where we happen to be headed, is JESUS! We do what we do because HE LOVED US FIRST!

We are working together to help children in need.
What an honor and privilege it is to walk alongside each and every one of you WOMEN OF COMPASSION! Using our unique gifts and talents, we are working together to help children in need, to point them toward the saving love of Jesus Christ. And that’s what really matters.

If you are not a Woman of Compassion, but would like to be, we would love to tell you how to make the next step for children!  Email us at to find out more!

May you all have a blessed beginning to your summer!

In Christ,
Dana Fox
Women of Compassion Council

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