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May 2013

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Dear Women of Compassion,
Let’s face it, ladies like to go to lunch! And, we all know it’s not just about the food. Think of all the marriage and tour your local campus. God may have big plans for how they can get involved!
WOC Toni Azinger
I’ll see you for lunch — and, best of all, we will have the chance to make a difference in the lives of children in need.Toni Azinger
Women of Compassion Council


This month I’m sharing an inspirational story about how people in Bradenton decided to follow their hearts and dream big to save children in crisis.

BIG Hearts and BIG Dreams

WOC Bobbie Price
Bobbie anding in front of one of the newly constructed Foster Family Homes in Bradenton.

The dream started in the heart of one woman. She went on a mission trip and Sarasota area formed Guardian Angels of Southwest Florida.

The group knew they wanted to help children in need. But, they weren’t exactly sure how they were going to accomplish their dream. “We found that all we had to do was have the heart for it,” said Bobbie Price, a Woman of Compassion and president of the Guardian Angels.

God worked out the details. He brought about a partnership between the Florida Baptist Children’s Home and build the homes. FBCH facilitates the operation of the program.

Allowing large sibling groups the stability and security of staying together
Each house in the Foster Family Homes ministry can serve up to five children and allow parents to specify what ages of children they are willing to take.

Equipping those called to care for children
Just like regular foster parents, parents in the Foster Family Homes ministry pay for utilities and practical way to equip parents who feel Christ’s calling to care for children but may lack the resources to do so.

What can I do?
When people hear about the new homes, they ask how to get involved. A church group took a tour of one of the new homes. Seeing a bare kitchen, one lady asked, “What can I do?” Bobbie suggested donating a crock pot.

The lady came back with $5,000 saying that during her visit, she felt like she was on holy ground. “We have seen that kind of thing over and God gets all the glory. Its God’s place.”

WOC Steps border


Be willing to take a first step.The big picture can be hard to see. Start by taking one baby step at a time. Perhaps the first step is inviting a friend to lunch and around the world.



Friday, February 7, 2014
Bestselling writer, life coach and speaker, Holley Gerth will be one of our

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