Women of Compassion

June 2013

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Dear Women of Compassion,

What’s On Our To-Do List? With the kids home from school, fun days at the beach, and plenty of Florida sunshine, summer is one of my favorite times of the year. Life just seems to slow down a little bit. There’s time to take a deep breath.

While we are basking in the refreshing breeze of a relaxed summer schedule, how could I dare begin by asking what is on our to-do lists?

If summer is about savoring the time to stop, then why should we be thinking about doing?

Because as Women of Compassion, there are some easy and fed them.

If you want to add some action to your compassion, here are a few examples of how you can help raise money for WOC. If the idea of fundraising scares you a bit, I promise these are FUN, EASY ways to spend time with friends and family. Maybe you’re concerned that like the boy’s small lunch, your event would only raise a small amount of funds to offer. That’s okay. Leave the multiplying to the Lord.

Will you join me in putting at least one of these ideas on your to-do list?

1. Host your own birthday party with a purpose. In lieu of gifts for you, ask guests to bring a gift
card for a child’s birthday at FBCH.

2. Host a “Shop for a Cause” benefit party. Or come up with your own creative name (Julie Boyd
hosted one in Tallahassee one time and called it a “naked lady party.” It definitely got people’s
attention! ) Each invited lady brings 20 articles of clothing or accessories they want to give
away from their own closet. They shop the donated clothing items, are allowed to try on clothes
in a designated dressing room in the house and model for all the guests. Each guests votes on
whether or not they should buy it! Guests are allowed to purchase anything they like with
donations going to WOC projects. The remaining unpurchased clothes are donated to FBCH.

3. Host a “Crafting for a Cause” event at your home. Each invited guest brings something they
have made and the host auctions them off at the party with proceeds going to a WOC project.

4. Fill a Back Pack for kids. Contact the FBCH campus near you to find the name and size of a
child. Go with your own children to gather school supplies and shop for an outfit for that child
to give them something new to wear in the upcoming school year.


Jenny Shook
Women of Compassion Council