Women of Compassion

July 25, 2011 Updates

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I hope your summer is full of memory making experiences and Big God Moments! I know our kids at the Children’s Homes are having a blast between mission trips, camps, and other special events. Thank you for the many ways you invest in the lives of these amazing children!

Here are some key updates:

WOC Members get involved!

Women across the state are using their gifts and talents on
our campuses! Hats off to Camille Wheeler and Pam Moore from Jacksonville who helped with cook book sales and promotion. We are sold out and plan to take pre-order sales this fall for our next shipment.

Host a WOC party!

Please contact Connie Aplin for details at caplin1441@gmail.com She is heading up recruitment and would love to talk to you about hosting a coffee, dessert party or something simple to introduce your friends to our WOC mission.

Here are the final results from our Women of Compassion meeting held in March: 48 members, $48,000 received to help children with $25,000 designated for the winning project: To assist foster families with special needs and provide scholarships for adoption fees to approved adoptive families. More news next month on how your gifts have helped in significant ways in the lives of these families. Pictures and testimonies will be shared!


Next year’s annual meeting will be a one day, major event held on the Lakeland Campus.
Thursday, February 24, 2012. Theme: “Get in the Picture!”

Extreme Room Makeover!

We have also received the contributions needed to finish decorating all of the Lakeland campus
cottages and the Shelter. In addition, all of the WOC volunteer teams are in place to do the decorating! As of this date, three of the cottages are complete, and two more are in process. Thank you to the WOC volunteer teams in
Central Florida for your incredible Extreme Room Makeover Projects: The Kristi Wells Team, The Jenny Shook Team, The Ashley Woodard Team, The Lynette Abbot Team, and The Debra Dickerson Team. I can’t wait for all of you to see the improvements at next year’s WOC event .

In closing, I thought you’d enjoy this testimonial about one of our residents on the Jacksonville campus. Billy graduated with his diploma from the Florida School for the Deaf and Blind. He has had an incredible journey during his stay at FBCH and is ready to begin the next phase of his life journey. As he signed his discharged papers, he said, “Take my picture while I sign this, and hang it in the office. I want people to see what success looks like!” Way to go, Billy!

Thank you WOC for your role in helping kids like Billy succeed!

Alongside for kids…jb

Julie Boyd
Vice President for Development & Communications