Women of Compassion

October 25, 2011 Updates

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Dear Women of Compassion:

I hope you are all having a fantastic fall season filled with family activities, football and meaningful experiences. I have so much to tell you!

Women of Compassion North Report:

Fifty incredible women attended our first WOC event in Tallahassee Thursday, September 29th. We were blessed by the testimony of several incredible speakers anding job in every way. These ladies voted to fund project 2 on our ballot which will provide the following for FBCH:

Many families are experiencing hardship during these tough economic times including the biological families of our children, former residents over age 18, and the approval of the Vice President of Programs.

You’ll be pleased to know that after announcing this winning project, we’ve already received several inquiries about how to access these funds. Since we had 30 North WOC members and 50% of proceeds provide for the daily needs of children in our care, we have $15,000 to set aside specifically to aid those who meet the criteria of this Compassion Ministry project. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I will keep you posted on the lives that have been impacted by your generous donations.

Women of Compassion South Report:

Ladies, we have exciting news! As you recall we voted to fund Project one on the spring ballot at our event in March. To date, we have provided scholarships for three families to adopt. Think of that…three children now have forever families and their lives have been dramatically impacted because of you! CLICK HERE to read a thank you letter addressed to Women of Compassion.

Thank you so much for sewing into the lives of so many children and families!

Alongside for kids…
Julie Boyd
Vice President for Development