Florida Baptist Children’s Homes does a lot more than just give children a place to live.

We make sure they are treated like part of a loving family! They receive quality medical care, nourishing food, proper clothes and an education.

We give them counseling, lots of love and try to give them a childhood that’s as normal as possible under difficult circumstances. But the most important thing we give them is hope – because we teach them about the love of Jesus!

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Florida Baptist Children’s Homes has six campuses across the state of Florida where we provide residential care to children.

Residential Care Locations

Fort Myers, Florida
Jacksonville, Florida
Lakeland, Florida
Miami, Florida
Pensacola, Florida
Tallahassee, Florida

Who We Serve

Our campuses serve school-age boys and each is staffed with house parents.

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We meet immediate needs and provide eternal hope to children through our amazing HOUSE PARENTS.

Children arrive on our campuses in the midst of trauma and in need of a safe, loving support system to help them find their way.

We provide continued support and hope for the future.