We are committed to providing forever, Christian families for children placed in our care. We love helping families answer God’s call to adopt.

Brave Moms

Brave Moms is a ministry that exists to serve courageous single moms who need support, stability and encouragement as they fight to better their lives and provide their families a future filled with hope and possibility.

Compassion Ministries

Through our Compassion Ministries and partnerships in the community, we provide food, clothing and other items to children in need.

Foster Care

Many children are in need of loving homes. We offer a variety of fostering options, including loving and caring for children in your own home or an FBCH sponsored home.

Orphan’s Heart

Orphan’s Heart brings love and transformational care to children in need in the developing world. Everyone can make a difference in the life of an orphaned or disadvantaged child.

Residential Care

FBCH has six residential campuses with loving homes that provide a safe and positive living environment along with medical care, food, clothes, education and a childhood as normal as possible under very difficult circumstances.

Sanctity of Human Life

The Sanctity of Human Life program focuses on raising awareness of the plight of the unborn and strengthening existing ministries that promote sexual purity and life-affirming decisions for young women facing an unplanned pregnancy.

The Porch Light

The Porch Light works to help rescue and restore child victims of domestic sex trafficking. Through safe houses, abused girls are offered healing and hope, while advocacy and prevention efforts help prevent the next child from becoming a victim.