About Change for Change

Our Change for Change project is a great way to get started on the journey to shaping young hearts to give! The idea is simple, yet meaningful: kids bring loose change to provide a change of clothes for underprivileged kids. Change for change – it just makes cents!

Many children we meet come to us with nothing, and they need everything. When school starts again, they will need the basics like shoes, pants/skirt, a backpack and a lunchbox.

Here is the estimated cost for these items:

  • Shirt – $10
  • Pants/jeans – $15
  • Shoes – $25
  • Backpack – $15
  • Lunchbox – $10
  • Total amount for 1 child:  $75

kids-helping-kids-VBS-girlWe want to bring these needs to life for your children’s group! Once created by you (we will provide the template to make it easy!), these larger-than-life-boy and girl cutout patterns make a great visual to encourage your children to bring change for underprivileged kids. As the pennies and quarters begin to multiply, the children will see change happening right before their eyes!

On the printable pattern we will provide, each boy and girl cut out pattern has a change of clothes to include all the items listed above. When the children bring enough change to buy a shirt for $10, the shirt can be placed on the child cut out. Then, when there is enough change to buy pants, the pants can be placed on the child cut out. When the total amount of $75 is raised, the child cut out will be fully “changed” and ready for school!

Change for Change - boy in the making Change for Change - kids Change for Change - girl in the making







What if my children raise MORE than $75, you ask? Well, here is a little secret: we hope they do! There is no reason to stop at changing just one child. Dress as many children as you can. We are all about helping one more child!

Your children will have so much fun with this colorful visual and spirited project. Most importantly, their young hearts will be opened to how compassion changes lives!

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