Many years ago, I remember a breakthrough moment that happened when I sat down at my desk as president/CEO of FBCH and One More Child.

I had big dreams, of course, but I realized our mission would come through a narrow focus: helping one more child that had yet to be reached.

That focus is more than a mission; it is a conviction that is our identity. It is amazing to see how the seemingly mundane task of sitting at my desk, dreaming about what God had in store for children in need, has been a catalyst that has invoked a series of moments that are leaving a lasting legacy for children.

Christi and I are constantly pursuing, with all we have, ways to meet the needs of one more child. We pray that we will leave a legacy for children and families, and we are praying for people like you to pursue that legacy for your families with the same passion.

As I’ve embraced this pursuit, following that breakthrough I had that day at my desk, I have been overwhelmed by God’s favor and provision. He has compelled so many people to join us to propel our mission for children to new heights. But in some respects, I’m not shocked at all, because in all of God’s grandeur, He regularly takes our passions and dreams and directs them into miracles and beautiful stories for His glory and the good of those involved.

Dr. Jerry Haag, and his wife, Christi, stand with pastor and board member, Lanelle Pickett, his wife, Kathy, and members of Good Hope Missionary Baptist Church. Good Hope is leaving a lasting legacy globally by digging 10 wells in Uganda to provide children and families with access to clean water.

I think about Paul and Toni Azinger. They have walked faithfully alongside us with a heart to help children in need for more than a decade now. Paul has been a keynote speaker at events we’ve hosted; Toni serves as a chairperson of our Women of Compassion; and the couple has given generously to our ministry.

In their journey with us, they had a breakthrough moment. One day while they were serving our ministry, they imagined what it would be like to volunteer alongside their grandchildren in a Compassion Center in Bradenton. They embraced that dream by making a matching gift of $500,000 to provide the foundation for funding a compassion center in their hometown.

I also think about Sarah Johnson. In the 1930s, she was an orphaned child whose life was transformed by our care. Years later, Sarah and her husband, Joe, who also grew in our care, had a breakthrough moment when together they helped start our Miami campus. Recently, I had the privilege of presiding over Sarah’s funeral, and I joyfully shared that through the countless lives she impacted and through her estate gift to our ministry, she and Joe left a legacy of helping one more child.

It is a beautiful thing when God’s people maximize the moment and respond to the needs of children and family in a lasting way. Every day holds new moments where we can choose to meet the physical and spiritual needs of children and families in expected, and unexpected, ways.

I ask you: what will be your breakthrough moment for children? What moment will you experience today or tomorrow that leaves a lasting legacy? It may be making
a financial gift for the Paul and Toni Azinger Compassion Center. It may be volunteering locally or encouraging your church to join us on a global mission trip to bless children in 2019! It may be educating a friend or coworker about how child sex trafficking impacts the neighborhoods around them. It may be leaving a legacy gift through your estate.

The moment you respond to the needs of children and families is the moment God uses you to leave a legacy that has present and eternal effects.

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