Women of Compassion

October 2013

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Dear Women of Compassion,

Do you have dreams? Maybe that sounds like a silly question. After all, a busy mom can feel like her biggest dream is finishing the laundry. Or maybe you’re an empty nester wondering about your purpose during this season of life.

Women of all ages and I love her practical advice about being purposeful: “it’s not about what you do as much as how you do it.”

Do you want to be purposeful in your life? Do you have a passion for something? I know I do, and mind.

Children have always been a passion God put in my heart. Yet, my desire to have my own went unfulfilled for many years. While my heart was often sad, the LORD was using that time to teach me more about Himself, His word and fertility treatments, the LORD graciously allowed me to give birth to a healthy baby boy. We named him Samuel because 1 Samuel 1:20 says, “I asked the LORD for him.” Several years later, I was overcome with thankfulness when God gave us a girl. We named her Hannah from the same biblical account. How thankful we were to have two children when we had thought there would be none!

Several years ago, we gave the kids a dog for Christmas. “Buddy” was a dream come true for all three of them. But our daughter, Hannah, holds the highest place in that dog’s world. And, she really loves that crazy dog, so much that her “dream” is that I will let the dog sleep in the bed with her. Well, some dreams are yet to come true…

Yet, God is not confined to infertility issues, is He? So, you cannot imagine my surprise at finding that I was pregnant again! We had a third child, a boy that we named William, a family name this time. Printed on his birth announcement was Ephesians 3:20: “Now to him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us..”

With my desire to have a child, the LORD answered as only He could have done, making the impossible into a reality far bigger than I could have dreamed. He has a great sense of humor, too, since I was 42 years old when I had baby Will! To keep the humor going, I refer to myself as the “mature” mother instead of the “old” one. Now, my dream is to raise kids who know and to have enough energy to keep up with them!

The LORD has now extended my passion for children into my involvement with the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and develop important life skills. They have a safe place where they can feel free to DREAM BIG! And, because of the generous support of friends like you, the dream is further extended to minister to children in other countries!

I hope you will plan to participate in our Women of Compassion, “God Sized Dreams” event. You will find encouragement to dream really BIG and find satisfaction in supporting the dreams of the children at FBCH.

Let’s Pray for God-Sized Dreams!

Connie Aplin
Women of Compassion Council

A God Sized Project

Come join a wonderful work to provide homes in one of the poorest communities in the Dominican Republic. The country is beautiful, the people are gracious and medical mission teams are needed.

For more information, call 305.779.0827 or visit One More Child at OneMoreChild.org.