Women of Compassion

August 2013

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Purpose with a Passion

My Purpose: Have you ever asked yourself, “What is the purpose God has for my life?” A few years ago God stirred my heart, anddaughters.

I knew that God had been preparing my heart to be a part of this ministry. Finding God’s purpose was about more than feeling burdened for these victims. He gave me a deep passion to serve, learn, grow and take action!

My Passion: My heart aches for those who are trapped in a life that demeans, degrades and tells them that they have no other purpose than to serve those who see them as having no value. I hope to one day share with these girls that God sees them as having GREAT value!

For the past year and a mentorship program to come alongside to serve as the girls work through their restoration.

There is so much that can be done throughout our state to help these girls. As we create awareness, we need to talk with our children about safety and self-worth. We need to see those involved in this horrific industry as “victims,” because for most, this is not a choice. Many volunteers will be needed, so if you feel you would be interested in volunteering or mentoring these victims, training is going to be held in the near future. To get more information on the upcoming training, please email me at Jewelbugf@yahoo.com.

Have you found your purpose? Does it come with a passion to act upon it? To me, that is what “Women of Compassion” is all about. God is calling all of us to make a difference in the lives of children, especially, those whose lives have been met with difficulty, loss, trauma and heartache.

Your sister in Christ,

Julee Ferreira
Women of Compassion Council Member

Florida Baptist Children’s Homes | PO Box 8190 | Lakeland | FL | 33802