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January 2013

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Living Repurposed in 2013

Losing weight, clearing out cluttered closets, exercising regularly, spending less, slowing down to enjoy life more…do any of these New Year’s resolutions sound familiar? The start of a New Year always makes me reflect on my life and think about making changes.

Resolutions are defined as a resolve and determination to act. While we have great intentions, salad soon becomes boring and a busy schedule interrupts our time at the gym. Psychologists will tell you that most resolutions are broken by February.

So my suggestion this year is to repurpose our lives in 2013 and forget the resolutions.

Repurposing is defined as using what you already have for a new and creative purpose. Unlike resolutions built on personal resolve, repurposing requires just a little creative thought on how to give something you already have an entirely new purpose.

Trash to Treasure:  For example, maybe you have a cluttered garage or home this year. Repurpose your clutter for a garage sale and give the proceeds to help others.

Look at your extra belongings through the eyes of God, and see them as mounds of generosity that can help others. Items in good condition can be donated to the clothes closet at FBCH. You can bless another family that lives near you with something you no longer need.

WOC FreeRide836

Russell family repurposes the sport of kite surfing into a way to raise money to help
One More Child build a home in Tanzania.


Tasks as Talents:  This year begin to see your everyday tasks as talents you can share with others. A hobby, sport or even a chore you are good at doing could be used for ministry. Why not transform your passion into a way to bless others with your abilities!

You might be tempted to think that your skills and talents aren’t valuable. But ask God how you could use your time and skills to volunteer at FBCH.

Be intentional by picking one time this year to give your talents to kids in need. There are easy ways to get involved: baking cookies, sewing, filing papers, selling items to raise money or even coordinating a group from your church to do a movie night for the kids at a local FBCH home!

WOC - Monica Baker

Monica Baker helping with the Diaper Drive

Give Hope to the Hurting:  The most valuable and powerful thing we have to give is our hope in Jesus Christ and his love and care for hurting people. In 2013, look for ways to share this life-changing hope with friends, family and even strangers.

As we gear up for our annual Women of Compassion event, consider sharing your hope with more women than ever and inviting them to attend the event. Maybe you can buy a friend a non-member ticket for this year’s WOC event or even donate the cost of tickets for a whole table of prospective members. Instead of buying friends birthday gifts this year, tell them their tickets are your gift in advance to inspire them all year.

Another way to keep giving hope to others is through our prayers. During your exercise time, commit to pray for the children of FBCH or put a prayer list together for friends. Organize a one-day event dedicated to praying for hurting children or host a bible study in your home.

While the rest of the world decides to give up on their resolutions in February, we can start becoming even more successful in repurposing our lives in 2013. I pray we will be challenged to repurpose our hearts for God’s kingdom work in the lives of hurting children all around the world. As Women of Compassion, we still have so much love to give.

WOC - Tracey Russell


Let’s live and love repurposed this year,

Tracey Russell