Volunteers in Action


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LAKELAND, Fla. — Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Service, better known as RVICS made the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes’ Lakeland February.

RVICS are retired or semi-retired Christian couples living in recreational vehicles who are serving the Lord through an organized work ministry. They focus on maintenance and children’s homes. RVICS does not charge for their services.

Eron Green, administrator for the Lakeland some office work,” Green said.

According to Dr. Jerry Haag, president of the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes RVICS provided an invaluable service to the Lakelands of dollars to this ministry. What a wonderful ministry!” Haag said.

Pictured above are two members of the Roving Volunteers in Christ’s Service, better known as RVICS, working on renovations to one of the facilities on the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes’ Lakeland campus.

Fred Ogrinc, RVICS team leader for the Lakeland his wife Rosemarie made RVICS their full-time ministry after he retired as a lineman from the local power company in Hiram, Ohio.

“I wanted to retire at fifty-five and opened up all the right doors for us,” Ogrinc said.

In order to host an RVICS team the organization must have a Christ-centered focus. They must also be able to provide hookups on site for 25 to 45 ft. RV’s at no cost to the RVICS workers. The work site must also provide all materials and when work is to begin.

RVICS teams serve on projects throughout the United States and other personal activities.

Some of the requirements for participating in the RVICS ministry include having received Jesus Christ as their personal savior, have a self-contained recreational vehicle, be self-supporting, and safety equipment.
The RVICS ministry is headquartered in Smithville, TX.  More information about the RVICS ministry can be found on their website at www.rvics.com.