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September 21, 2010 Updates

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September 21, 2010

Dear Women of Compassion,
I thought you’d find the following story about one of our children heartwarming! Be blessed…

Mr. Matt and $5 of God’s Love

Melissa and Barry Miller are house parents on our Tallahassee campus. Recently Ms. Melissa was serving dinner when the phone rang. It was her brother, Matt calling to see what she had fixed for dinner. She answered, “Grilled Chicken, Vegetable Kabobs, Grilled Corn on the Cob, Teriyaki Rice, Bread and Chocolate Cake”. Matt quickly responded with, “If you have enough, I can be there in 10 minutes.” She said, “Sure” and she hung up the phone.

All of the children curiously asked, “Who was that?” Ms. Melissa said it was Mr. Matt. They already knew who Mr. Matt was since he had visited their home on occasion. She laughed and stated, “He just graduated law school and he’s poor so he is coming over for dinner!”

A few minutes past and Mr. Matt arrived. The children had already cleared their dishes and Ms. Melissa had a plate sitting out for him. He had only been sitting down for a few minutes when one of the girls from the cottage came up to him. She gave him a confused stare for a minute, and then ‘bluntly’ asked, “Mr. Matt, are you poor?” He looked at her confused. But before he could respond, she slapped a five dollar roll of dimes on the table and said, “Here you go!” Little did Ms. Melissa know, the young lady had been in the office with Mr. Barry ordering him to check this money out of her allowance so she could give it to Mr. Matt when he arrived.

Mr. Matt was taken back, surprised and so grateful. He settled on taking a dollar of the five, as he did not want to hinder her ‘giving spirit’ but didn’t want to take all of her money either. He thanked her greatly and gave her a big hug.

God was working in this young girl’s heart. She saw a need and gave to that need. Although Mr. Matt’s financial need was much greater than five dollars due to law school tuition, her gesture was a testament to all of us that God is in control. He can use people all around us to teach us that He can fill any need and use any person to do that. That five dollars to her might as well have been a hundred. Mr. Matt was given a sense of peace and a moment of happiness in how God works through all of us, especially children.

The cottage finished the evening with Mr. Matt playing the piano and singing praise songs with the children. That one act of kindness changed everyone’s mood for the remainder of the evening. And Ms. Melissa and Mr. Barry continue to be grateful that God is allowing them to see Him at work.


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