Our Services

FBCH and One More Child are providing child welfare and prevention services in 55 locations locally and globally to meet critical needs of families in crises. Last year, FBCH and One More Child had the privilege of serving more than 200,500 children and individuals through foster care, family support and single moms programs – just to name a few – while also providing more than 5.5 million meals to those in need in Florida and around the world. Whether it’s providing diapers for a newborn, food for a hungry child, safety for an abused child, or foster or adoptive homes to children, our mission is to meet the immediate needs of children and families and build relationships that demonstrate the healing love of Christ. Below is a snapshot of our services for children:

FOSTER CARE – Providing loving, Christian homes for hurting children by licensing and equipping families statewide

CHILD HUNGER PROGRAMS – Life-changing nourishment that helps children and families in Florida and globally

RESIDENTIAL CARE – Loving, family style homes where we provide essential nourishment and care for children removed from their homes

EMERGENCY SHELTER – 24-hour shelters where we care for children who need immediate placement

SANCTITY OF HUMAN LIFE – Compassionate, Godly counsel for women facing unplanned pregnancies

FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICES – Preventive care and resources providing a boost to children and families

SINGLE MOMS – Mentorship, housing and training to help single moms become self-sufficient

ANTI-TRAFFICKING – Safe home care for child victims of sex trafficking and restoration leadership to prevent future trafficking

GLOBAL – Meeting urgent needs in Africa, Central America, Europe and South America through feeding programs, infrastructure projects, mission trips, child sponsors and more

ADOPTION – Recruiting, equipping and connecting families and churches as they navigate the complexities and joys of adopting a child who needs a loving, forever family