Packaging Hope One Gift at a Time

By November 7, 2016 No Comments

Since 2014, Highland Packaging Solutions has been a sponsor of King Cottage, the emergency shelter on the Joe K. Blanton Campus in Lakeland.

The company of more than 300 employees, headquartered in Plant City, provides funding for the monthly food budget at the cottage, and employees also bring homemade meals to the children and staff throughout the year!

On top of that, each year Highland Packaging Solutions hosts a back-to-school drive to collect supplies, clothing and more, and at Christmas, employees collect toys to give the children. This wonderful team is always finding new ways to generously care for children and our staff.

Highland Packaging Solutions CEO, Steve Maxwell, said he believes that everybody is called to give, both personally and corporately. “These precious lives are made brighter by the efforts of many here who look forward each month to serving in this unique way,” he said. “No matter what their own personal situations or needs may be, our employees look past that when it comes to the children.”

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