Emergency Shelter

Florida Baptist Children’s Homes’ Emergency Shelters, located on the Joe K. Blanton campus and at the Christian Care Center in Leesburg, are 24-hour intake facilities designed for the short-term care of school-age boys and girls who are in a crisis and need immediate placement. These children may be homeless, abused, abandoned, neglected or caught up in a devastating family conflict. Because of the emergency nature of the situations, admission procedures are streamlined so these children can be accepted almost immediately.

The Emergency Shelters are family-style cottages and can accommodate up to 12 children at a time. They are staffed with loving and experienced child care workers. Children are provided food, clothing, transportation, education and spiritual guidance while staying in the Emergency Shelters.

When a child is living in a shelter, one of our social workers/case workers develops a service plan and meets with all of the concerned parties — the child, his or her family, other social service agencies, court personnel, etc. — to arrange for counseling if warranted, to advocate on the child’s behalf, and to decide what long-term living arrangements will be in the child’s best interest. Sometimes the decision is to transfer him or her to a campus cottage or foster care home.

The children we meet at our Emergency Shelter are special, and we love seeing the way love can change their lives!