Help more
single moms
be brave.

Become a mentor for a single mom in Florida.

If you could change a family in just a few hours, would you do it?

Watch to learn more about our campus mentor opportunities in Florida (currently in Lakeland or Jacksonville).

Help more single moms be brave.

Become an official mentor to a single mother on one of our campuses in Florida, and help her move forward in her:

  • Finances
  • Goal setting
  • Spiritual growth
  • Parenting and life skills
  • & breaking the cycle of pain for her children

Most importantly, through mentorship, each Brave Mom will learn to absorb God’s Word into her daily plans and God’s will into her future.


1. Choose what timeframe you are able to commit.

Here are several options to prayerfully consider:

  • 1 hour a week. This is most effective way a mentor can help a Brave Mom and her family move into a confident, secure future in the will of God and breaking the cycle of pain for her children.
  • 10 weeks of New Start for Single Moms. This is where mentors really step in and go through 10 weeks of curriculum with the single mom. There are also needs for volunteer facilitators or co-facilitators from time to time and guest speakers who teach a specific topic though this is covered under the life skills bullet point.
  • Weekly or Monthly devotions, listening and assisting in reaching goals.
  • 1 hour a week or month to help kids with homework, provide childcare for the mom while she attends her New Start class or teaching/co-teaching Brave Kids curriculum to the children.
  • 1 time a month to take moms and their children on pre-approved outings.  This builds healthy relationships.
  • 1 time a quarter for one year. Teach a life-skills application of your choosing that is approved by the Brave Moms Facilitator.

2. Apply

To become a mentor/volunteer, you need to complete the volunteer process.

Start by filling out a volunteer application today.

3. Interview

A member of our team will schedule an interview by phone, in person or through video conference. Once you are accepted as a campus mentor, we will ask you to commit to the calendar dates, timeframe, policies and a quarterly meeting with your campus facilitator.

4. Training

All mentor/volunteers are required to participate in training, fingerprinting and background check.


Find resources for our campus mentor program below:

The following pdf files are designed to compliment the New Start for Single Moms participant workbook and give the mentor a simple structure to follow.

Week 1: Let go of the past
Week 2: The Power of Genuine Relationships
Week 3: Healing Emotional Pain: Part 1
Week 4: Healing Emotional Pain: Part II
Week 5: Party! (We all know how to do that!)
Week 6: Breaking the pain cycle for your children
Week 7: Listening and Communicating as a Family
Week 8: Praying Powerful Prayers for Your Children (Included in book)
Week 9: Changing Thought Patterns (Included in book)
Week 10: Healthy Relationships do Exist (Included in book)
Week 11: Turning Stress Into Strength
Week 12: God can do it! God can do it through me!