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If you are facing an unplanned pregnancy and have nowhere to turn, we want you to know there is hope. We are here to help you make the best decision for you and your unborn child.

There is hope for you and your unborn baby to have a wonderful life! We are here to support you as you consider all of your options and help you discover what is best for you and your baby. We promise that we will never pressure you through your decision-making process. Our adoption specialists are available to help you explore the adoption option and show you how making an adoption plan is a positive and life-affirming choice that allows you to care for your baby by planning for his or her future. It can be a true act of love. Our adoption specialists are available to talk with you, offer you counseling and make sure you have all the support and information you need.

If you decide on adoption through Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, your child will be loved by a Christian family that you choose. You can talk to us about an adoption plan where you will be in control of the process and make decisions about your journey. During your pregnancy, our adoption specialists will help you get prenatal care and understand the challenges that come with pregnancy and birth.

When the baby is born, you can also choose to receive future updates and pictures. Also, during this time, our specialists will make sure you get back on your feet, helping to guide you through physical, emotional, social or financial challenges. In essence, we want what is best for you and your baby, and we will be with you every step of the way!

If you are pregnant and need guidance, please contact us at any time. We care, and we’re here to help.

Call us today at 1-844-Life4Baby or 1-844-543-3422 so we can help you make the best decision for you and your unborn child.

Common Questions of Birth Moms

Birth mothers choose adoption when they find themselves pregnant at a time when they are not prepared to take on the responsibility of caring for another child. They are seeking parents who can provide their child with a permanent, stable home and a bright future. Birth parents considering adoption care very much about their child and are seeking a plan that meets the needs and best interests of their child.

We are here to assist you with your needs during pregnancy. We also provide compassionate counseling, help you understand all your options and, if you choose, assist you in selecting a family for your baby. We are in your corner throughout the entire process!

Yes! You can choose the family for your baby by selecting from loving parents screened by Florida Baptist Children’s Homes. You will have the opportunity to learn about the families through profiles they have created to share with birth mothers.

This will depend on your preference, legal aspects of the adoption and the cooperation of the birth father.  Many birth mothers want their baby placed with the family at the hospital, soon after the birth.

Yes. Your adoption specialist will work with you to make a personalized hospital plan that allows you to determine ahead of time the amount of contact you would like with your baby.

We offer you three distinct adoption options: open, semi-open and closed.

In most cases, you can choose an adoption that is semi-open which allows for ongoing updates, through letters and photos arranged through the agency. Some adoptions are open which include visits. At Florida Baptist Children’s Homes you will decide the level of openness in your adoption.  The adoptive families we work with respect and understand your need to know that your child is well cared for and loved.

Yes. After you sign a release of parental rights, the child will legally become a permanent member of the adoptive family.

The birth father’s rights must also be considered when planning adoption. If he disagrees with adoption, we will work with the court to determine if his rights can be terminated.  Some birth fathers are very involved and supportive and can be as much a part of the adoption as you would like him to be. If he is not an involved party, he can sign legal paperwork indicating that he is not asking for custody or he has a right to be notified of the hearing. We will work with you to determine his level of involvement and cooperation and the best way to handle the legal situation with the birth father.

You will need to provide us with any information that you have regarding the birth father . We will help you utilize the resources of the government and partner agencies that may be able to locate him.

We encourage you to pass on medical information and social history to your child. You may also send photos and letters to the family through the agency or as arranged. You may want to write a letter to your child sharing special information about yourself or provide a gift that will help your child understand in the future that your decision to place him or her for adoption was based on love and desiring the best for their future.

According to Florida law, when a child turns 18, unless you have filled out a form to deny information shared through the Central Registry, the child can access to identifying information about you. If future contact is acceptable to you, all you need to do is keep your address current with the Central Registry or our agency.

You do not need an attorney and there are no costs to you. We will handle all of the necessary legal details on your behalf.

Adoption is a loving decision based entirely on the best interest of the child. Adoptive parents are prepared in every way to provide for your child and it could actually be the most caring, selfless decision you ever make.

Yes! Birth parents are definitely involved in selecting the prospective adoptive parents. We have many families already approved for adoption, waiting to care for a child just like yours. You can speak with an adoption specialist to learn more about the process of selecting an adoptive family. We offer adoptions that allow for varying access to children once they are placed in a loving adoptive home.

The amount of contact that you have with the family is based on the agreement with the adoptive family that you help create. During your pregnancy, you will be able to talk with an adoption specialist about the three different types of options (close, semi-open and open) and select an adoptive family who meets your desires. Most adoptions include at least meeting the adoptive family during your pregnancy, getting to know the adoptive family and receiving pictures/letters over the years. You can also choose a fully open adoption which will include personal visits with the family and child.
Families who want to adopt must go through a rigorous screening process to show that they are: a stable family, in good health, people of good moral character, financially and emotionally secure and ready to be parents. Birth parents can have an open adoption which includes receiving pictures and letters from the family for reassurance that your child is in a good home and has a good future.

Financial assistance may be available to help you with pregnancy-related expenses during your pregnancy and for up to six weeks after delivery. You can talk to an adoption specialist to learn more about this assistance.

Your child will know the story of his or her adoption because adoptive parents understand how important it is to educate children about adoption from a very early age. Most adoptive parents have the opportunity to meet birth parents and can learn about you and what compelled you to make the best choice for your child. You will be able to provide information about yourself to the agency, which we are happy to share with the family as the child grows up. You will also have the opportunity to share letters and photos with the child.

A birth mom meets the parents who will adopt her child

This segment of the Bullock Family Ranch on the UP channel shows when Ciara, a birth mom, meets Courtney and Chris for the first time before deciding that they would be the ones to adopt her unborn baby. Ciara, Courtney and Chris chose Florida Baptist Children’s Homes for their adoption needs.