Diaper Drive Goal for 2017: 600,000


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What is Orphan Sunday?

Join us as we partner with Christian Alliance for Orphans to celebrate a God who defends the fatherless, helps the helpless & stands in the gap for those who have been abandoned, neglected or abused. Reflect His love by helping care for orphans in Florida & around the world by partnering with Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, Orphan’s Heart & The Porch Light.

Three Ways You Can Help

Let the world know that every child counts when you …

Host a diaper drive to help us reach our goal of 600,000 diapers by November 12th!

Host an Orphan Sunday event to get food, water and supplies in the hands of underprivileged kids!

Give Now! Your financial support will help us purchase diapers and ensure children in Florida and around the world have life-changing meals and can hear the Good News.

Helping One More Child in Florida

Overnight the Jean family went from two to five …

The father, Peterson, worked a full-time job, but it was going to be a challenge with the family’s income to feed, clothe and raise Jaylen, Daylen and Lynn.

When they came to our Compassion Center at the Joe K. Blanton Campus in Lakeland, we provided them with diapers, clothing, food, resources and prayers.

Peterson said they were going through 32 DIAPERS PER DAY after the children were born.

Referring to the assistance we continue to provide, Peterson said: “Our church was worried about us, but we weren’t worried because we had this place.”

A relationship that began with boxes of diapers and little onesies continued when the parents attended several classes offered at the Compassion Center

Using skills he learned in a career advancement course, Peterson approached his boss about a new position and earned a promotion!

Peterson and his wife, Staphanie, said it is hard work raising three children, but they love it, and that our ministry has been a blessing.

Helping One More Child Globally

At 44 days old, precious little Carlos weighed just 3 pounds …

He was left at the hospital by a mother who couldn’t care him. He was entrusted into the care of our staff at the Malnutrition Center in San Juan, Guatemala.

Even the doctor at the Center was concerned because of Carlos weight and the fact he was struggling to eat.

But we were there to provide him with diapers and with love, while God worked out the details. A trio of women from Boston had followed God’s call to serve.

One of the women was a clinical advisor and she had brought with her special formula designed specifically for premature babies like Carlos!

Women from a number of mission teams have fed the precious newborn, changed his diapers, cuddled him and been the hands of feet and now Carlos is a healthy weight.

We were there with diapers and food and love and God was there shining bright on One More Child!


worldwide have lost either one or both parents (UNICEF)


are considered “double orphans,” having lost both parents (UNICEF)


are in foster care in Florida (Department of Children and Families)