Thank you for your support for children!

Orphaned, neglected and abandoned children in Florida and around the world are in desperate need of love, hope and someone to share Christ with them.

Your monthly support as a cottage sponsor allows us to provide ongoing care and hope to these orphaned, disadvantaged and vulnerable children. As a cottage sponsor, your gifts have a regular and continual impact on young lives throughout our state. Partnering together, we make it possible for their lives to be changed forever. Your continued support will provide stability and a continuum of care to those we serve and will make a significant impact in the life of those in need each month of the year. Here are several ways to sponsor children in care:

LIFE Work Program Sponsor:

  • The LIFE Work Program is an on-campus program designed to teach residents a Christian work ethic. The long term goal for every child in the care of FBCH is to help them become a productive, contributing member of society. A self-sufficient young person is one who has developed a healthy work ethic. The LIFE Work Program is centered on “pre-training” for employment in the adult workforce.
  • $150 a month for one cottage
  • $1,800 a year for one cottage

Education Sponsor:

Children on our campuses are often given donated school supplies which are very helpful in getting them ready to start school. However, specific items requested by teachers or needed for school related activities such as sports, band, or other team related items are an additional expense the cottages must absorb.

  • $250 a month for one cottage
  • $3,000 a year for one cottage

Clothing Sponsor:

When children are placed in our care and arrive on our campus, generally the only clothing they have with them are the clothing on their back. These items are a necessity and are not always found in our campus donation center.

  • $300 a month for one cottage
  • $3,600 a year for one cottage

Activities Sponsor:

The children on our campuses, just like any child, enjoy getting out and participating in activities that are fun and educational. These activities include but are not limited to, movies, bowling, putt-putt golf, theme parks, sporting events and concerts.

  • $375 a month for one cottage
  • $4,500 a year for one cottage

Food Sponsor:

When children are placed in our care it is often the basics, such as food, that are needed the most. Often times, before placement with FBCH, the children who come into our care may not have received properly prepared meals. Therefore, not only is the establishment of a proper diet essential, but the provision of food also becomes an important way the children gain confidence in our staff.

  • $ 835 a month for one cottage
  • $ 10,000 a year for one cottage
And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.Philippians 4:19 (NIV)

Florida Baptist Children’s Homes uses 100% of your sponsorship dollars to provide for the physical, emotional, educational and spiritual needs to children in care! Your gift will be applied as directed. If gifts should exceed the amount required for our cottage budgets, then those funds will be applied to the area of greatest need for our children. Due to the uncertainty of when a child will enter into and leave from our care, we are unable to meet requests to sponsor a specific child. Your gift will be a blessing to a child in need, and in some instances, more than one child!

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