Each year, Florida Baptist Children’s Homes provides more than 50,000 services to children and families through Compassion Ministries – providing food, clothing, diapers and other items to those in crisis. In addition to meeting tangible needs through this ministry, we are also able to provide for the intangible needs of children, bringing life-changing support to families. In 2016, Compassion Ministries served 2,635 children and families and provided more than 98,000 meals through our weekend backpack program.

Volunteers needed

Florida Baptist Children’s Homes needs more volunteers to put compassion in action through this special ministry for children. Our volunteer needs include organizing and stocking food donations, cleaning and sorting clothing, assisting with clerical needs and more.

Tangible needs for children

To sustain our Compassion Ministries program and provide for families, the following gently-used items are needed every day:

  • Child and adult clothing of all sizes
  • House-hold items (especially kitchen supplies)
  • Toddler beds, pillows and sheets
  • Birthday kits for teens and children to include a cake mix, candles, gift, “happy birthday banner” and party supplies
  • Additionally, our food needs include:
  • Healthy, yet kid-approved, cereals (i.e. Honey Nut Cheerios).
  • Fruits to include apples, Cuties, peaches and bananas
  • Canned vegetables and fruits
  • Oatmeal
  • Peanut butter and jelly
  • Sliced bread and English muffins (wheat)
  • Yogurt
  • Canned meats (to include tuna, chicken, etc).

Are you ready to help meet the tangible needs of children? Is your church or place of business ready to form an alliance with schools in your community to address hunger and poverty where you live? Florida Baptist Children’s Homes is here to help lead the way.

For more information about our compassion ministries, email us at