Inspiring Brave Moms

RJ WaltersNews

As Emma waited for the bus at 6:30 a.m. with her 1-year-old daughter, Isabella, on her lap, she was determined to make up for lost time. She was ready for another day of classes at a local technical school, always believing that each day is another opportunity to better herself. She jotted down a goal, and below it, she penned her inspiration:

My goal: To get my high school diploma

My why: My daughter

In June, Emma turned that goal into a milestone, earning her diploma!… Read More

Wrap Around Love

RJ WaltersNews

Faced with an unplanned pregnancy and an uncertain future, Cameron’s mother made the courageous decision to choose life for her son.

Cameron’s adoptive family saw the strength it takes to make that decision when they met the mother at the hospital.

They also experienced first hand the importance of continued support as they welcomed him into their home.… Read More

On mission with Women of Compassion

Danita PetersonWomen of Compassion

Come with us to Guatemala!

Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and Orphan’s Heart are once again partnering to create a special Women of Compassion mission trip.

The trip is scheduled for November 5-11 and will be a wonderful opportunity for our Women of Compassion to build relationships with each other, see the beautiful country of Guatemala and make a difference in the lives of children being cared for at the Malnutrition Center in San Juan, Guatemala.… Read More

A fresh start this school year

Danita PetersonNews, Saved Lives, Changed Lives

PSALM 119:66 (NIV)


Jessa*, a 5-year-old girl, arrived on one of our campuses with a tear-stained face and all her possessions in a small paper sack. As you can expect, she was nervous to be in a new place.

Since it was late when Jessa arrived, a house mom gave her clean pajamas, read her a story and tucked her into bed.… Read More

President’s Profile Hits Newsstands

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Below is an excerpt from an article that was published in The Ledger newspaper on July 17, featuring Dr. Jerry Haag, President of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes. 

(LAKELAND) — Decorations and mementos fill Jerry Haag’s office: a giraffe carving from Uganda, a bowl from Tanzania, a warthog sculpture from South Africa.

On even more prominent display, though, is a less artistic object: a small sign with the number “1” in white against a black background.… Read More

International Headquarters Named to Honor Former Publix President

RJ WaltersNews

On July 25 we celebrated the official naming of our organization’s international headquarters the Joe K. Blanton Campus, in honor of Blanton and his late wife, Alberta.

The legacy of Mr. Blanton, the one-time president of Publix, is one of abundantly loving others and one that will now live on forever thanks to a remarkable $5 million gift the Blanton family has made to Florida Baptist Children’s Homes to transform the lives of children for generations.… Read More

Bloom where you are planted!

Danita PetersonWomen of Compassion

Have you ever heard the expression “Bloom where you are planted?”

Stop and think about what that really means. In my mind, it means be your best no matter where God has you.

Sometimes we are planted in sandy soil, and we are just not getting the nutrients we need to be fed. Sometimes we are planted in soil that is fertile, where growth and beauty seem effortless.… Read More

At-risk children

Danita PetersonSaved Lives, Changed Lives

Ben*, a seven-year-old boy served through our backpack program, saw tremendous improvement in his grades this past school year because he had access to healthy foods over the weekends. He was able to return to school on Monday mornings with his tummy full and ready to learn! We are currently providing 477 children like Ben with backpacks full of food each month.… Read More

Help new seeds sprout!

Danita PetersonSaved Lives, Changed Lives

Yes, I will give a gift to help plant seeds of hope for children!

Mother’s Day Tribute Wall

Dear Friends,

His mother would leave him home alone with little money for food. Because he lacked the nutritious food his growing body needed, Cameron* became weak and malnourished. He was brought to live in one of our campus cottages at age 10.… Read More