Four Tips for a Good Fight

RJ WaltersNews

Ashley*, a young girl living at The Porch Light safe home, left school truly concerned.

Ashley discovered that her best friend resorted to cutting herself to deal with being bullied at school and family issues at home. Ashley’s friend lacked the needed support and encouragement to help sustain her during hard times.

Where encouragement lacks, hopelessness blooms.… Read More

Your Scars Have Value

RJ WaltersNews

Do you have a scar? Scars are proof that trauma once inflicted a wound on you.

Maybe a bone was broken at the playground, you injured yourself playing sports, or, maybe the scar runs deeper, and you were a victim of abuse. Big or little, scars ultimately tell a story. We think of scars being physical, but we also wear emotional scars that seemingly have an amplifier attached to them.… Read More

Frank arrived with 32 broken bones

Danita PetersonSaved Lives, Changed Lives

In 2016, nearly 16,000 children in Florida were removed from their home because of abuse, abandonment and/or neglect. Many of those children are like Frank*, who came into the care of one of our foster families several years ago, arriving with 32 broken bones. His biological family initially claimed that Frank had a genetic bone disease but it was soon determined that his injuries were a result of extreme child abuse.… Read More

Do good and share with those in need

Danita PetersonSaved Lives, Changed Lives

Her heart must have been thudding in her chest as she sat squeezed between two older women in the backseat of a vehicle that was driven by an Uber driver. They began to yell at her, “You need to get your priorities straight….We need to make this money!” I imagine the pit in Angela’s* stomach began to grow as they neared the motel.… Read More

Passionate About Pregnancy

RJ WaltersNews

By MaryLou Hendry
Director of Sanctity of Human Life 

I vividly remember the first ultrasound I experienced. My son and his wife were in the midst of a high-risk pregnancy. I had the honor to join my “daughter in love” for a 3D ultrasound exam. It was a holy moment! It was a Psalms 139 experience seeing my granddaughter in her mother’s womb.… Read More

Retiring For the Kids

RJ WaltersNews

Mike Stubbs and Edith Webb could have reveled in the spotlight for a moment at the close of successful careers. Instead they decided to deflect the attention to children in need.

When a friend at the church they attend, San Antonio Community Church, offered to throw a retirement party to celebrate both of them completing 40+ years as public servants, Mike and Edith agreed the party itself was an incredibly generous gift.… Read More

Mark your calendar!

Danita PetersonWomen of Compassion


Are you ready for that at your house? We are also very near to entering a whole new year! Are you ready to welcome in 2017? If you are like me, you are already putting dates on the new calendar and considering all that the new year holds for your heart and home.… Read More

YOU make a difference for children!

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For those wishing to deliver a year-end charitable donation to support children through Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, The Porch Light and/or Orphan’s Heart, a member of our Development staff will be at our Lakeland, Jacksonville and Tallahassee offices on New Year’s Eve — Saturday, December 31 — from 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  At all other locations and after 4:30 p.m.… Read More

Foster Care Adventure Awaits in Gainesville

Katy MartinNews

Hey Gainesville! Are you ready to join the mission field — the adventure of a lifetime? We are looking for a married couple to become foster parents today to impact the lives of children for all eternity. There is a beautiful, spacious, made-for-a-loving-family home available right now in the Gainesville area. This is where one set of parents can live rent-free as they follow God’s call to become foster parents.… Read More

The gift of family!

Danita PetersonSaved Lives, Changed Lives

And you will recognize him by this sign: You will
find a baby wrapped snugly in strips of cloth, lying in a manger.
Luke 2:12 (NLT)

This Christmas and throughout the year at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, we have children of all ages in our care who are in need of a loving, caring family. We are humbled and blessed to consistently witness children’s lives transformed.… Read More