Diving into Foster Care

RJ WaltersFoster Care, Saved Lives, Changed Lives

Whether in her car, behind a desk, on a stage or even in her free time, Melissa Poole is focused on faces she does not yet know, but can somehow clearly see everywhere she goes – the faces of children in foster care and ones who be placed in the child welfare system in days to come.… Read More

If Foster Walls Could Talk

Bryan BrownFoster Care, Saved Lives, Changed Lives

I miss the smell of mom’s baked spaghetti, a weekly family favorite. I miss the sound of children laughing as dad chases them down the hallway. I miss seeing mom tuck her children in during bedtime and pray gently. I miss the scribble of crayons as foster children whimsically find the closest surface to draw their doodles and daydreams.… Read More

Serving Others

Danita PetersonWomen of Compassion

By guest blogger and Women of Compassion council member, Christina Boyce

Recently, we held our first Women of Compassion Day of Service at the Joe K. Blanton Campus of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes in Lakeland. I brought my husband and five children along for a morning of stocking grocery items and packing backpacks with life-changing food at the Harold Clark Simmons Compassion Center.… Read More

Make Room in Your Inn to Foster

RJ WaltersFoster Care, Saved Lives, Changed Lives

Most Americans, from devout Christians to non-believers, know the ageless story about how the family of a baby destined to change the world couldn’t get even an “economy flat at the local Airbnb,” but instead was provided with the equivalent of a pack ‘n play that was purposed for animal feed.

It’s been more than 2,000 years since the magnificent birth of Jesus Christ.… Read More

I was hungry and you fed me

Danita PetersonNews, Saved Lives, Changed Lives

1 in 6 children in America struggles with hunger. Every ten seconds, a child around the world dies from hunger-related diseases. From 2014- 2016, there were more than 795 million people around the world who suffered from chronic undernourishment. These staggering statistics can keep us awake at night, envisioning ways that we can make sure One More Child is fed.… Read More

The Power of One Foster Family

RJ WaltersFoster Care, Saved Lives, Changed Lives

Sam’s* mom and dad struggle with substance abuse problems. Earlier this year there were times Sam could be found in his neighborhood asking for food and seeking respite from deplorable living conditions.

Sam is 10 years old.

In April, he was placed with the Garrison* family, a foster family who became licensed through Florida Baptist Children’s Home in January.… Read More

Mother’s Day Miracles

Danita PetersonWomen of Compassion

By guest blogger and Women of Compassion member, Kristen Hitchcock

This May, I celebrated 10 years with my twins, Hannah and Hailey—10 years of life, 10 years of fulfilling God’s will, 10 years of Mother’s Day miracles!

I remember the day like it was yesterday, not their birthday, but the day their adventure began before I realized that they were going to be a part of my journey on this earth.… Read More