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To most, the Thanksgiving holiday is a time full of family, food and faith. But many children in hard circumstances have little to be thankful for. Their lack of a loving family, adequate food and a relationship with God is glaringly more apparent than at other times of the year. 

No child ever asks to be hungry. They do not want to be neglected, abused or abandoned. As I read through and pray over a list of these precious children’s names, I am reminded that God created each one, appointed them a specific name, set them in our care and laid out a unique purpose. Our job at FBCH and One More Child is to help restore their mind, body and soul, so that they are able to reach their God-given potential! 

Jeremy*, 5 years old, and his brother, Michael*, 3, came into one of our homes earlier this year. Both brothers were visibly underweight and were exhibiting signs of malnourishment and trauma. Initially, they were very particular about what types of food they ate because their past diet consisted mostly of unhealthy foods.

Through the patience and encouragement of our staff, Jeremy and Michael began to enjoy eating foods like bananas, apples and potatoes. After being in our care for a few months, mealtime has transformed for these brothers. They are now adventurous and eager to eat and request second servings. Jeremy and Michael have even gained enough weight to outgrow their clothes!

Receiving the nutrition they needed has helped launch these boys toward success. Mealtime has become a way to communicate love, care and support to these precious boys. And, in this environment, they are now thriving!

Food is the most essential need of a child. We start with the basics so we can have a firm foundation to build upon. Once children like Jeremy and Michael are well-fed and comfortable, we can begin to see a noticeable change in every other area of their lives from relationships to spirituality. We offer praise and thanksgiving to God for the transformed lives we see each day!

While many children come into our care without hope, with your financial help, they can take the first step toward their God-given purpose! Our budget for campus food costs for the year is $275,000. Your gift will make it possible to feed and care for the growing number of children in the care of FBCH and One More Child.

As Thanksgiving approaches, we remember your generosity with thankful hearts!

Together for One More Child,

Jerry T. Haag, Ph.D., CFP®

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*Name, certain details and photographs have been changed for confidentiality reasons.

**Your gifts will be applied to the area that you designate. If designated gifts should exceed the amount required for a particular need, then those funds will be applied to the next area of greatest need for our children

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