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Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” This statement is true in all children’s lives, but it rings especially true in the lives of the children whom we care for at FBCH and One More Child.

With 114 years of experience in caring for children in need, we recognize the physical, spiritual and emotional needs of kids and the importance that education has upon each of these. Within all of our programs, our staff members are teaching children not only schoolwork, but also skills and character traits that will be of value throughout their lives. As Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV) says, “Train up a child in the way he should go, And when he is old he will not depart from it.” 

To advance the children’s education, our staff works alongside the children’s teachers to ensure they are developing at the right pace. This preparation begins with the basic provision of required school supplies, clothes and encouragement. FBCH provides care for school-aged children in many different settings, including our campus cottages, foster homes, compassion centers, emergency shelters and anti-trafficking safe home.

At our “Before the Bus” events held at our compassion centers, hundreds of at-risk, community children are given the opportunity to have a physical exam, a backpack full of supplies, a school uniform and a fresh haircut. The children leave feeling prepared, loved and full of hope for the upcoming school year!

One child served at one of these events was Hallie*, a 6-year-old girl. Hallie was to begin kindergarten the next week, and her family was unable to afford the basic supplies she needed for school. When it came time for her haircut, the hairstylist asked Hallie what kind of cut she would like, and she enthusiastically responded with “pretty braids, please!” We were able to meet Hallie’s unique needs, which will help support a great start to her educational journey!

We are committed to ensuring that all of our children have the necessary tools to gain a quality education that will ultimately help shape their future. We need your gifts so that we are able to provide care, clothing and supplies to children like Hallie. With your generous partnership, the children in our care will shine not only this school year, but in life!

Together for One More Child,

Jerry T. Haag, Ph.D., CFP®
President, Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and One More Child

$50 provides two field trips for a child

$200 provides school supplies for a child

$275 provides school clothing for a child

$475 provides school clothing and supplies for a child

$600 provides school-related activities for a child

OTHER $_______

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