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If Foster Walls Could Talk

By June 30, 2017 No Comments

I miss the smell of mom’s baked spaghetti, a weekly family favorite. I miss the sound of children laughing as dad chases them down the hallway. I miss seeing mom tuck her children in during bedtime and pray gently. I miss the scribble of crayons as foster children whimsically find the closest surface to draw their doodles and daydreams.

I am a Foster Family Home in Gainesville, Florida. While it may be hard to fathom or explain, I’ve been vacant for months but it feels like years. I am rent-free, come fully furnished and the biggest investment I’m looking for from the next “someone” is time and love.

Sometimes I wonder what I’m here for since I’m not occupied. Honestly, I don’t believe I’m serving my purpose. I don’t want to simply take up space. In the eyes of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, I was constructed to give children structure and opportunity; a place to rest and grow. Actually, I was created to house foster children and keep together sibling groups who suffered neglect, abuse and/or abandonment.

I wonder if anyone shares my sentiment? I wouldn’t call myself hopeless, because I know why I’m here. I was constructed to house children in need. Maybe you know God has called you to something but you’re not sure what. Maybe He created you to cover children with love through foster care. Maybe you’ve been wanting to become a foster parent but haven’t had the space or resources. Well, here’s your chance.

Whether you have been hesitant, expectant and/or waiting, your purpose could be served as a foster parent. You could be the mom preparing supper and whispering prayers for a child who faced neglect. You could be the dad that provides love, laughs and protection for a child who faced abuse. You and I could work together to provide foster children a place of hope and structure after facing abandonment.

My construction plus your creation allows love to change the life of One More Child.

I know it seems crazy; a house giving a human advice. But, while you’re listening, I don’t want you, or children for that matter, to ever question their purpose and simply think they “take up space.”

Learn more about this one-of-a-kind opportunity to show children God’s love through Foster Family Homes by clicking here.

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