Quinceañera in Residential Care

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At Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, our desire is not simply to house children but give them a place to call home.

15-year-old Rosy* lives in residential care on one of our campuses. Rosy was elated when a FBCH volunteer shared with her that she, too, had been born in Cuba. The volunteer learned that Rosy’s 15th birthday was nearing and no plans had been made. The volunteer led the charge and enlisted some friends from her church to throw Rosy a traditional Cuban quinceañera!

The celebration included all of the special touches, including hair and makeup for Rosy. Clearly, Rosy felt celebrated and loved during a crucial time in her life. The gesture and the details served as a reminder of how God provides hope in the lives of children through the right person at the right time.

Every day our residential care services impact children who have faced hopeless situations after being abandoned, neglected and/or abused. Others have been caught in a family crisis or have parents/guardians who can no longer care for them. Thousands of children are impacted through our Christ-centered services like residential care.

Rosy’s story is a prime example of how every one of us plays a vital role in providing hope and joy to One More Child. From House Parents to volunteers, we look for nurturing, devoted, patient and compassionate men and women who will provide children with love and limits, all in a stable and safe home.

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*Name changed for confidentially reasons

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