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PCs, Pals & A Purpose

By June 6, 2017No Comments

Jackson* is a young boy who struggled at times during his second go-round of 2nd grade, and is ready to take on 3rd grade after making the honor roll.

Delonte*, Martin* and extra English tutoring is helping prepare them for the rest of their lives.

Jade* is making great strides in subjects such as math because committed individuals are helping her thrive despite a learning disability.

The growth of these children is just some of the fruit of our mission to impact One More Child through our afterschool program in Jacksonville.

We have three computers available for students to utilize online resources provided by the school district, and our afterschool program runs twice a week.

Our tutors build strong bonds with the students and older children from our Jacksonville campus volunteer on occasion too!

We are grateful for the doors that God has opened to make a difference in the lives of these children, but we believe this opportunity is just starting to bloom.

To expand help fill a void in the lives of these children.

Contact us today at 904-721-2711 to be a part of changing the lives and eternities of children in Jacksonville.

One more computer and one more financial gift is a surefire way to reach One More Child!

* Names changed to protect privacy of the children we serve