A "Different" Way to Be a Mom

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Every day in Florida more than 190 women find out they are unexpectedly pregnant. Many of us adore the prospect of motherhood or cherish memories of our children being born, but not all women are overjoyed about the journey that lies ahead.

One of those women was abortion minded and she felt scared and alone.

She asked herself:

Where should I go?

What should I do?

Who can I turn to?

She decided she needed to talk to someone so she made an appointment with one of our partner pregnancy care clinics (PCC), where she was presented with the option for adoption and referred to us at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes.

Through our Sanctity of Human Life (SOHL) ministry we utilize the Biblical “Focus on the Heart” curriculum to guide our approach to pregnancy care and we share the truth in love. When a birth mother comes to us we help them understand that there is always the “situation”, the “choice” and the “consequences” in an unplanned pregnancy. It’s the ABC’s of basic decision making, but the difference is lives are on the line and some of these decisions can never be taken back.

Abortion is legal, but that doesn’t mean it’s good or right.

Our program is not here to judge women going through unexpected pregnancies, but to share options with them and share the message of hope that is found in Jesus Christ as they process those options. This abortion-minded woman shared her story and her heart with us and eventually made the decision to place her child into a loving family’s home through adoption.

At Florida Baptist Children’s Homes we were privileged to make it possible for this woman to orchestrate one of her most important acts as a mother, lovingly choosing another mother and father to care for her child. As she was reading profiles of prospective adoptive parents she was overwhelmed by the love she felt in one of the letters, which was written to her by a prospective adoptive mother. It was in that moment she sensed God’s love for her baby and His love for her.

When the adoptive mother and birth mother met for the first time it was clear God had orchestrated this match. The birth mother decided that the adoptive mother would be her birthing coach and she would also be the first to hold and feed this precious newborn.

This birth mother – once very uncertain about even continuing her pregnancy – did not give up on her child, she gave hope for the future to this child by allowing a mom and dad to give them the best life possible.

“The adoption specialist helped me become a mother in a different way,” the birth mother said. “I thank God every day for FBCH helping me place my child in a forever home.”

Mother’s Day is near and dear to us at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes because we know that every child is made in God’s likeness and that He has plans and purposes for every child’s future.

We want prospective mothers to know they are not alone when facing an unplanned pregnancy and that there are many positive outcomes birth moms can choose for their children.

Our heart is always focused on serving One More Child, both the born and unborn, and on Mother’s Day we celebrate all mothers and want every woman facing an unplanned pregnancy to know they are loved, cared for, and prayed for today.

Our Sanctity of Human Life staff can be reached at or 863.687.8811.

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