Trusting God in All Things

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At our Women of Compassion event during the summer of 2014, Monica Guynn heard God asking her to trust Him with a major financial decision. She decided to follow His lead.

Monica and her husband, Gary, made a significant monetary gift toward One More Child’s community transformation project in the Dominican Republic, where homes continue to be built for families who are often without running water and/or electricity. Soon after Gary and Monica made an impact through their initial gift, they learned firsthand what it meant to trust God in a time of pain and uncertainty.

Their middle child, and only son, Brock, sustained a traumatic brain injury in an ATV accident, leaving him fighting for his life. Doctors told them it was possible he would not walk or talk again. In the midst of the chaos, Gary and Monica experienced great joy when members of the church they attend, The Rock Community Church in Lakeland, Florida, shared with them photos of homes being built in the Dominican Republic.

Their son not only survived the accident, but God granted him miraculous healing. Today, he is working toward his high school diploma while staying active in athletics and in the church. Monica said God has shown her family that not only would He continue to provide for them, He would even compel them to give more!

The entire family, including sisters Hunter and Eden, continues to be a blessing to ONE MORE CHILD domestically and around the world. And that’s exactly what they have done by making a special gift to our Brave Moms program and generously supporting Compassion Ministries.

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