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Twins, Gracie* and Jacob*, arrived in the middle of the night to our campus. The twins were visibly thin and wearing soiled clothing. They were welcomed into a warm cottage home with two beds that were made up with cozy blankets and pillows. Gracie and Jacob took a bath, brushed out their knotted hair and climbed into clean pajamas.

The next morning, a healthy breakfast of eggs, waffles and fruit was awaiting them at the breakfast table. Both Gracie and Jacob hurriedly cleaned their plates and hesitantly asked our staff if they could have another serving. Their season of want slowly transformed into a season of thanksgiving!

My family has never gone without food like Gracie and Jacob. Most families have never had to go without food. But sadly, that is not the case for many children. While we would like to believe the twins’ story is a rare and isolated situation, unfortunately – it is not. Numerous children will not enjoy a hot meal on Thanksgiving Day, or any other day.

It is tragic what so many children endure. That’s why we are constantly striving to provide ONE MORE CHILD a safe and loving environment where their hearty appetites can be filled!

You can help. With your support, we can positively impact a child’s life. Your gift will make a huge difference! You will make it possible to feed the growing number of children in our care — children like Gracie and Jacob. Please give today.

Together for Children,

Jerry T. Haag, Ph.D., CFP®

Yes, I will give to feed children!

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*This story is real. Names and certain details have been changed for confidentiality reasons. Photo above is used for illustrative purposes only.

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