President's Profile Hits Newsstands

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Below is an excerpt from an article that was published in The Ledger newspaper on July 17, featuring Dr. Jerry Haag, President of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes. 

(LAKELAND) — Decorations and mementos fill Jerry Haag’s office: a giraffe carving from Uganda, a bowl from Tanzania, a warthog sculpture from South Africa.

On even more prominent display, though, is a less artistic object: a small sign with the number “1” in white against a black background.

The numeral is shorthand for the phrase “One More Child,” the overriding philosophy of Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, where Haag serves as president. In its various endeavors — providing homes for foster children in Florida and building and operating malnutrition centers and other support services in various countries — Haag’s organization continually strives to help one more child.

For Haag, the “one” isn’t an abstraction. In discussing his ethos, he draws upon memories of specific children. He recalls Benito, a 7-year-old boy whose parents brought him to a malnutrition center in Guatemala too late for the staff to save him.

“I still hear his voice,” said Haag, 50. “That’s one of those ‘ones’ that just keeps driving me.”

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