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Reflecting back
As I sit here and reflect on August of last year, I am in awe at how present God is in our lives. My husband, Gary, and I were not prepared for the phone call that would inform us that our middle child and only son was fighting for his life after sustaining a traumatic brain injury from a four wheeler accident.

You see, it was just a few months earlier that I was sitting at a Women of Compassion event and praising God with several other women for all He does through Florida Baptist Children’s Homes (FBCH) to help children with many different needs. That day, I heard God’s voice speak to me. God asked me to trust Him and give to a major project that was going to be happening in the Dominican Republic that year. Through One More Child, FBCH would be sending teams to build homes in an impoverished community where mothers and their children had no housing. This request from God made me uncomfortable because the amount He was asking me to give would be a stretch for our family. After talking to my husband, we both agreed we needed to trust God with this decision.

WOC - Aug Article photo

The Rock Community Church

A few months later
We had no idea that God would teach us to trust Him even further a few months later while our son lay hooked up to life-support. Doctors told us that Brock was not likely to walk or talk again. God reminded me during that anxious time to remember that if we could trust Him with our money, we could most certainly trust His plan with our son. While we were in the hospital, our church, The Rock Community Church, led a group to build some of the first homes in the Dominican Republic. Here is the picture they sent me during their time there. I can’t tell you the amount of joy this brought to Gary and I. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect!

Is God asking you to trust Him?
Is God asking you to trust Him with something difficult or uncomfortable? Trust Him because His plan is always the perfect one. FBCH is a wonderful organization that helps so many beautiful children in need. Is God asking you to consider making a donation or sharing some of your time volunteering this year? I can promise you that your heart, your life and your community will be blessed when you trust God and follow his leading.

WOC - Guynn family

Monica Guynn and Family

God knows our futures and He amazes me how He connects all the dots for his glory and purpose in our lives!

Trusting in Him,

Monica Guynn
Women of Compassion Council

If you would like to join Monica on the Women of Compassion giving society to make a difference for children in Florida and around the world, click here.

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