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April 2013

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Up, Up and Wait…Where’s the Steering Wheel?

The hot air balloon rose so smoothly, I didn’t know we had left the ground. Floating serenely in the California sky, snapping pictures, I kissed my husband and thanked him for planning this romantic adventure. The moment of bliss ended when I noticed something was missing.438

“Honey, where’s the steering wheel,” I asked. For you see, while our birds-eye-view from the clouds was indeed breathtaking, I didn’t see any safe, flat place to land. My husband, the scientific type, launched into a discussion of air currents, how hot air rises and vents that allow the air to cool, making the balloon go down.

I understood how the balloon went up and down, but how did it get from place to place? My husband had me trapped (panic had overtaken the bliss) in something that essentially was steered only by the shifting wind. There was no steering wheel to direct us to a safe landing place.

I want to share a beautiful story that shows how the love of two FBCH house parents found 18-year-old Melissa a safe landing place to heal and steered her to the life-changing power of Jesus Christ. That’s why I’m thankful to be involved with Women of Compassion and FBCH. Children are given a safe place to land. They come with big hurts but find a bigger God to steer their futures.

Amy Wiggins
WOC Council Member

House parents LOVE Big: Melissa’s Story

18-year-old Melissa struggled with suicidal thoughts, depression, and cutting for years. FBCH house parents Brent and Hannah Romero have loved her through all of her struggles. They have given her consistent love and tried so hard to help her fully surrender to the Lord so she could find peace and be healed. Due to her attachment disorder, it’s always been so hard for her. The painful past of her childhood had a devastating effect on her life.


“God just did not give up on her. After years of watching Melissa go through so much pain, we saw VICTORY!! Thank you, Lord,” said social worker, Lisa Fifer. After surrendering to the Lord, Melissa was baptized by her house father, Brent.

Recently she was hospitalized again. When Melissa came home from the hospital, Hannah was beyond frustrated because she didn’t want her to live a wasted life. She saw what Melissa could be. She saw her through God’s eyes. She watched how kind and compassionate she was with other children who are struggling. Hannah said, “She has so much love to give, but she was so focused on herself and her own pain that it consumed her.” The love of her house parents compelled them to seek outside help. Even though Melissa had been with them 4 years, Hannah and Brent knew they needed to find a treatment program for her where she could get more focused help. She wasn’t responding to the counseling and consistent love of her house parents and social workers. But, instead she was continuing on this downward spiral.

After doing research and making numerous phone calls, Hannah found a faith-based treatment center and miraculously they had an open scholarship bed open for Melissa! This 18-month treatment program seemed to be just what Melissa needed to help prepare her for adulthood and deal with her depression. Melissa did not want to go. She loves her house parents and her life at FBCH. When they told her how God had orchestrated this for her own good – that things like this don’t just happen, she was broken. She said, “I need Jesus.” Melissa had always thought she was saved, but her house parents could tell she had never surrendered. At that moment Melissa fell to her knees and prayed to receive Christ. Her house father, Brent baptized her that night!

Melissa understands that this program will build on the foundation of love the Romero’s have given her and give her the tools she needs to be a healthy adult. Although she’s leaving us to get the help she needs, she now has the Hope of Christ living in her and she knows that her house parents and Florida Baptist Children’s Homes will always be there for her….FOR LIFE!



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