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October 2012

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Shook family

Jenny and her husband Matt with their children Katie, Joey, Megan, and Kerri.

What makes a family? They are the people that make a house feel like a home. They are the ones that journey through life with you, sharing laughter and love along the way. My name is Jenny Shook and I have four children, a husband and two dogs of my own to call family. Being surrounded by so many people who love and support me, I know the importance of family. I need to feel connected to my family.

My pastor preached a sermon on family a couple of weeks ago, and it made me think of the children at the Florida Baptist Children’s Home. These children, just like me, need the love and support of family. They want to know the feeling of being part of a family. My pastor used an acronym during his recent sermon on family. As a member of Women of Compassion (WOC), I know the ministry of the FBCH helps hurting children experience FAMILY:


Dedicated house parents seek ways to help children have fun. Volunteers host game nights or donate gift cards for special outings.


Children receive the attention they need to know they are important. Children are tucked in with bedtime prayers and family devotion. After school, they are asked about their day. Volunteers tutor them.


In a stable and secure home, kids build lasting memories. Summer camps, movie nights and holiday festivities become a part of their life for children at FBCH.


Children are inspired and encouraged on a daily basis. They are taught to have dreams and plans for their future. And, after hearing their testimonies at WOC events, these children inspire me.


Children are told about the unconditional love of Christ.  Their house parents model the love and compassion of our heavenly father.

Yield to God

The children at FBCH attend church faithfully and participate in age-graded programming.  They are learning to yield to God, discovering that their heavenly father will never fail them.

A couple of years ago a friend invited me to a WOC conference. After attending the event and visiting one of the homes, I felt compelled to join the Florida Baptist Children’s Homes family. Do you know of other women who cherish the blessing of family and share our passion for helping children in need? Invite them to our Cups of Kindness Tea in February. They will see how they can be a part of unique family of women who have a heart for helping children.


Sisters in Christ,

Jenny Shook


*Jenny and her husband Matt have 4 children, Katie, Joey, Megan, and  Kerri.  They live in Lakeland and attend The Rock Community Church. Jenny serves on the Women of Compassion Council.

Lisa Harper

Women of Compassion 2013 forum guest speaker, Lisa Harper

Join us Friday, February 15, 2013, for our annual WOC forum. With a Victorian tea-party theme, this dainty day of delightful treats will also serve up a nationally known speaker, Lisa Harper. Harper has spoken at national women’s ministry events such as Women of Faith and Focus on the Family conferences. She is described as a witty storyteller and easy-to-relate-to Bible teacher. Speaker Priscilla Evans Shirer describes her this way: “If anyone can help us to hear, understand and receive the truth of scripture it is Lisa Harper. Her God-given ability to not merely teach the Word but package it in a way that stirs the heart and calls to action is incomparable. When she speaks ears perk up.”