Florida Baptist Children's Homes is proud to announce…

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Bryan Gunn, Vice President and CFO

       Florida Baptist Children’s Homes is pleased to announce Bryan Gunn as its new vice president and annuity functions.

       Bryan is a native of Brand the entire FBCH staff in order to continue the strong legacy of providing quality care for children,” Bryan said. 

       After conducting a nationwide search, FBCH president Dr. Jerry Haag feels that Bryan is uniquely qualified for this position. “With Bryan’s legal and families in need,” said Dr. Haag.

       Prior to joining FBCH, Bryan most recently served as administrative pastor, chief financial officer and has served as a guest teacher at Beeson Divinity School.

      Before entering the ministry, Bryan was an attorney for four years and financial audits.

      Bryan holds numerous degrees, including a Bachelor of Arts in accounting, a Juris Doctor, a Master of Divinity and is also a certified public accountant. 

      Dr. Haag believes that Bryan will be a tremendous asset to FBCH and preaching experience, will make him a strong voice for children in the pulpits of Florida’s churches,” said Dr. Haag. Please help us give Bryan a warm welcome!

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