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April 10, 2012 Updates

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For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Kristi Wells and I chair our Women of Compassion Executive Council. First of all, I MUST thank our Godly, hard working Council members for the many hours they spent on our “Get in the Picture” event. Those of you who were able to attend will agree that their efforts honored the children and gave glory to God! I want to introduce the Council and thank them from the bottom of my heart!

Toni Azinger (Co-chair), Amy Wiggins (Secretary), Amie Spano, Shannon Miles, Becky Rhodes, Jenny Shook and Connie Aplin.


An important bit of news that I want you to know about is that our “Get in the Picture” event was mostly underwritten! Florida Baptist Children’s Homes did not have to pay for table decorations, stage decorations, the photo booth, popcorn machine, gift baskets for house moms, gift bags for kids, tee shirts for kids, balloons, scones, waters or cookies! Our Women of Compassion who donated or funded these items are helping us keep costs to a minimum so we can be good stewards of what God has given us. We also “recycle” all of the decorations to our North Florida Women of Compassion group for their event this Fall!




Each month you will be receiving a newsletter written by one of your Council members. We want to keep you up to date on the happenings at Florida Baptist Children’s Homes and Women of Compassion. Many of you hold fundraisers or events during the year to raise money for the children. We would love to hear from you! Please send us your story! Some of you have ideas for things we can do to raise awareness for Florida Baptist Children’s Homes, we would love to hear from you also!  Contact:  Connie Aplin, Recruitment & Special Events Coordinator at  caplin1441@gmail.com




I read an interesting article recently in Time Business magazine. It said for the most part, women are more generous givers than men. According to a study by the Women’s Philanthropy Institute at the University of Indiana, “women are as much as 40% more likely to donate than men. What’s more, women at nearly every income level are better givers. Not only do they give more often; they tend to donate more.”

Dr. Debra Mesch, the director of the institute, says “We are seeing women really growing in terms of philanthropy. Her study showed another big difference in giving between men and women. Men will write a check or put their name on a building. Women want to give to a cause, to a passion that they can relate to. Mesch goes on to say, “we are on the verge of a huge global movement as women become more powerful in the philanthropic movement.”

Women of Compassion is the perfect example of women having a passion and a calling to help children and families in need. Thank you for your PASSION and your COMPASSION!




We are so excited to welcome back The Haag Family! However, even though they were away, they never really left us in our heart or spirit! We look forward to serving alongside them once again!




Please keep in mind friends or family members who might be interested in becoming a Woman of Compassion. Julie Boyd or one of the Council members would be happy to meet with them to explain our mission.

Contact :  Julie Boyd at Julie.Boyd@FBCHomes.org, Kristen Hitchcock at Kristen.Hitchcock@FBCHomes.org or Molly Simmons at Molly.Simmons@FBCHomes.org




Next month we will reveal our theme for next year’s event! Stay tuned! Happy Easter and Happy Spring! HE IS RISEN! HE IS RISEN INDEED!

Sisters in Christ,
Kristi Wells