Florida Baptist Children’s Homes Recognizes Top Giving Churches to Its Annual Mother’s Day Offering

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LAKELAND, Fla. – The Florida Baptist Children’s Homes recently recognized the top giving churches to its annual Mother’s Day Offering campaign. In addition, it also recognized top churches in per capita giving along with the top associations with the largest amount of giving by the churches in their area.

Every year the Children’s Homes conducts its Mother’s Day Offering campaign to raise funds for their ministry of caring for abused, neglected, and orphaned children. Steve Johnston, acting president of the Children’s Homes praised the top churches.

“We are most grateful to the commitment and sacrificial giving that has been clearly demonstrated by so many churches across the state. Their efforts provide the financial support that is absolutely vital to this ministry,” Johnston said.

“Without everyone’s support, we would not be able to meet the pressing needs of so many orphaned and disadvantaged children. It touches my heart that even though the economy has remained sluggish for the past several years, people continue to provide generously to help serve ‘the least of these.’”

The annual Mother’s Day Offering has provided substantial financial support to the Children’s Homes for more than thirty years. This past year church and individual giving to the Mother’s Day Offering has brought in more than $1,100,000.

Last year the Children’s Homes provided services to more than 14,100 children and families with their domestic and international childcare programs. They also witnessed nearly 500 professions of faith in Christ Jesus from their evangelism efforts to those they serve.

Johnston said that the top giving churches all approached their offerings slightly differently, but all had strong leadership from their senior pastor as a common theme.

“Many top giving churches showed our videos and distributed our materials. Others simply challenged members of their congregation to make an offering gift that was equal to the cost of feeding one of our cottages for a day ($28), a week ($193), or a month ($834).

“Although the top giving churches approached the Children’s Homes’ offering differently, leadership from the pulpit was the common denominator. We have found that it is pastoral leadership that truly makes the difference. In fact, it was this same type of leadership that established the Children’s Homes’ ministry more than a hundred years ago in 1904,” Johnston said.

“Florida Baptists are magnifying God’s kingdom through their generosity to orphaned and disadvantaged children. It is such a strong witness to the world when believers take the lead in providing loving care to some of the world’s neediest children.”

The Florida Baptist Children’s Homes is an agency of the Florida Baptist Convention. To learn more about helping orphaned and disadvantaged children in Florida and around the world, see their website at or contact them at 863-687-8811.

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