Are you interested in becoming a publicized corporate sponsor on our website?

Criteria to be posted on our website:

  • Corporate donors who give more than $1,000 in one year (or substantial in-kind donations with approximate value over $1,000)

Email the following information and questions to Averitt Ennis, Vice President of Development at Averitt.Ennis@FBCHomes.org.

  1. Stated permission that we can publicly share this sponsorship (the amount donated will never be publicly shared)
  2. Small Company Logo (preferably 150 X 150 Pixels)
  3. Company’s website address (if you would like our website to link to your website)
  4. Philanthropic partnership statement (no more than 2-3 sentences)

We are honored that you have chosen to partner with us in serving children and families in crisis![/text_output]


Corporate and Foundation Sponsors

Click below to see the corporate and foundation sponsors who generously support our ministry! We couldn’t do this without you![/text_output]

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